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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does WageWatch get its compensation, salary, and benefits data from?

Employers submit their actual employee salary and compensation data directly to WageWatch, typically through human resources. We do not use third-party survey data to populate our jobs with data, and we do not apply geographic differentials to estimate what wages might be in metropolitan areas. Our compensation surveys and salary reports contain real incumbent salary data submitted by real employers.

Employers have three options for providing WageWatch with data for their survey matches: online, spreadsheet, and upload from payroll records. We strive to make the process as easy and flexible as possible for your needs.

What are some of the unique features of WageWatch's online surveys?

  • The overall online process to get the compensation data needed is fairly quick. It's as simple as subscribe and pay, submit data, and then start creating reports and exporting data from any web enabled device.
  • Reports can be exported quickly and easily from HTML into Excel for data integration and PDF for reporting.
  • Survey participants can see their own data compared online to their competition.
  • Custom peer groups can be created at no extra charge.
  • An online data aging feature provides instant reports for budget projections and trending.
  • Reporting statistics are customizable, anywhere from the 10th to the 90th percentile.

What makes WageWatch surveys different from traditional "paper and pencil" surveys?

We produce traditional salary surveys – but we improved the data input process, report creation, and timeliness through the use of our leading-edge technology. Hundreds of custom reports are generated daily by WageWatch survey participants using our feature of enabling a subscriber to choose a specific group of employer locations against which to compare. We require there be five or more employers in a user-defined group to protect confidentiality and to adhere to Department of Justice guidelines, and there is no additional cost for this outstanding feature of our online surveys. Because our surveys are online, we provide many optional features for customized report preferences to better meet your needs.

How secure is submitting our compensation and payroll data online?

WageWatch adheres to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) standards. Data submitted online is kept confidential and is backed up daily at multiple secure locations. Our website uses a secure certificate provided by an authorized third party, so when submitting your data you will see "https" and know that your data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption technology or higher.

What types of positions and jobs are in WageWatch surveys?

Because WageWatch specializes in delivering industry-specific surveys, our surveyed jobs are the benchmark jobs important to our customers in each industry. We rely on our experience and knowledge as well as industry professionals to develop a comprehensive list of positions and summary descriptions for each survey. These jobs range from entry-level to upper-middle management positions and represent every key department in your industry.

What types of data are contained in WageWatch's online reports?

For wage and salary data, we display 25th, 50th (median), and 75th percentile data as well as average wage and salary rates. Reported percentiles may be modified by the user for additional customization. We also report on prevalence of certain types of pay practices and provide information on incentives, commissions, and bonuses. For benefits data, we provide information on benefits plan design and costs, time-off programs, and much more.

How do WageWatch subscribers use the survey data?

Our subscribers tell us that they conduct focused, market-specific analyses. Our local entity subscribers prepare tables, graphs, and charts after downloading our reports into an Excel® file. They update their compensation and benefits packages with up-to-date trend data. Our corporate report subscribers are able to compare across markets with confidence and consistency. Our reports are downloadable into a spreadsheet format, and our customers are able to import them into survey analysis software if desired.

How long has WageWatch been conducting compensation and benefits surveys?

WageWatch began conducting compensation surveys in 1992. Our survey methods changed from paper and pencil to web-based technology over the years, and today we are the leading web-based industry compensation and benefits survey company in the United States.

What is WageWatch's company philosophy?

From the very beginning, the WageWatch philosophy has centered on providing the industries and employers we serve with accurate, timely, and reliable compensation and benefits data, We strive to consistently deliver products and services that are of high value and low cost, passing on the benefit of improvements in our technology and processes to our customers.

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