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04/25/2013 WageWatch iBrief - The Boomer Generation in the Workplace
04/18/2013 WageWatch iBrief - There is More to Keeping up With Minimum Wage Increases
04/15/2013 2013 Federal State and Local Minimum Wage Rates
04/11/2013 WageWatch iBrief = Evaluating Survey Methodologies
04/04/2013 WageWatch iBrief - The Debate goes on: Market Pricing vs Job Evaluation
03/28/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Are you Attracting Top Talent?
03/21/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Las Vegas Casino Operators Plan Pay Raises in 2013
03/15/2013 Hoteliers Face Complex Union Negotiations
03/07/2013 WageWatch iBrief - The Paycheck Fairness Act: Are you ready for this?
02/28/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Common FLSA Pitfalls
02/21/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Pay Compression
02/14/2013 WageWatch iBrief - An Introduction to Skill Based Pay
02/08/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Feds Release Proposed Rules for ACA Mandate
01/31/2013 WageWatch iBrief - The Pros and Cons of Merit Pay
01/24/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level in 5 Years
01/17/2013 WageWatch iBrief - HR Can Succeed By Doing Less
01/14/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Who Will Be The Steve Jobs Of Healthcare?
01/03/2013 WageWatch hires Debra Anundson Manager of Compensation Analytics
01/03/2013 WageWatch iBrief - Happy New Year: Minimum Wage Increasing in 10 States
12/27/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Can You Be Too Sexy For Your Job?
12/20/2012 WageWatch iBrief – Workers See A Shorter Interval Between Pay Raises
12/13/2012 WageWatch iBrief – Let Me Take A Look At That Tattoo
12/06/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Family Health Insurance Premiums Rose 4% in 2012
11/29/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Why The U.S. Job Market Remains Terribly Bleak
11/15/2012 WageWatch iBrief - The 5 R's For Building Lifelong Relationships with Employees
11/08/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Wage Costs Rise More Slowly as U.S. Employers Hold Line
11/01/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Open enrollment: Help Employees Make Benefits Choices
10/25/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Job Benefits Growing Faster Than Wages
10/19/2012 WageWatch Video - DOJ Safe Harbor Guidelines
10/18/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Florida minimum wage to increase 12 cents in 2013
10/11/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Midsize, large firms will take hit from health law, paper argues
10/04/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Companies put health benefits decisions in employees' hands
09/27/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Analysis: Incentives may boost quality, efficiency among doctors
09/25/2012 2012 Banquet Server Compensation Structure Survey
09/20/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Medicare cuts threaten 766,000 health care jobs
09/13/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Travel industry records another month of strong jobs growth
09/06/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Travel industry jobs are key to recovery, report suggests
08/30/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Mass. colleges discuss casino job training with state officials
08/23/2012 WageWatch iBrief - N.D. medical facility entices nurses with $15,000 bonuses
08/16/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Report highlights 5 physician payment models for ACOs
08/15/2012 How to Avoid Antitrust Claims When Conducting Wage Surveys
08/09/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Travel industry led economy in July employment growth
08/02/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Education of APRNs gets $200M boost from HHS under ACA
07/26/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Hyatt Hotels defends labor practices amid union call for boycott
07/21/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Survey: Many workers would feel successful making less than $70,000
07/12/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Atlantic City denies union's referendum bid on Revel's job policy
07/05/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Analysis: Effect of health care ruling on providers
06/28/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Affordable Care Act largely survives Supreme Court scrutiny
06/21/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Survey: Many workers would feel successful making less than $70,000
06/14/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Wage growth fell to 1.4% over the past 12 months
06/07/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Employment edges up across health care industry
05/31/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Direct contracts with physicians gain favor with some big firms
05/24/2012 WageWatch iBrief - "Temporary" doctors step in amid physician shortage
05/17/2012 WageWatch iBrief - CMS proposes a pay raise for primary care docs
05/10/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Mass. lawmakers hope "spaghetti approach" will curb health costs
05/03/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Employers to get about $920M in rebates from health insurers
04/26/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Study: Fewer companies provide health coverage
04/19/2012 WageWatch iBrief - HHS proposes changes for determining hospital wage index
04/12/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Nevada casino revenue continued to increase in February, officials say
04/05/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Patient outcomes don't improve in test of pay-for-performance model
03/29/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Justices' questions suggest skepticism about health care law
03/22/2012 WageWatch iBrief - HHS: Exchanges must tell employers who is eligible for subsidies
03/15/2012 WageWatch iBrief - HHS releases final rules for state health-insurance exchanges
03/08/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Pressure increases for laws requiring paid sick leave
03/01/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Low interest rates force companies to make up pension shortfalls
02/23/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Analysis: Wages aren't keeping pace with inflation
02/16/2012 WageWatch iBrief - New York considers increasing minimum wage to $8.50 an hour
02/09/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Minimum wage increases are on the agenda this year
02/02/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Wages continued to increase slowly in Q4, data show
01/26/2012 WageWatch iBrief - Travel industry is recovering jobs lost in downturn
01/19/2012 WageWatch iBrief - CEOs say they're ready to hire
01/12/2012 WageWatch iBrief - W-2 change offers a chance to educate employees about benefits
01/05/2012 WageWatch iBrief - What to expect from health care reform in 2012
01/05/2012 Lodging Employment Forecast 2012
12/29/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Gaming industry gearing up for largest expansion year on record
12/22/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Payroll tax is set to rise as Congress goes home for holidays
12/15/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Ohio casino looks to hire ahead of March opening
12/08/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Nursing may not have a shortage after all, study suggests
12/01/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Recruiting costs are low for health care industry, study finds
11/22/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Hotel industry continues to show signs of improvement, execs say
11/17/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Federal grant program aims to spur hiring of health care professionals
11/10/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Hotels maintain recovery amid economic worries
11/09/2011 WageWatch Releases 2011 Compensation Report for the Gaming Industry
11/03/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Employee-compensation costs were up 0.3% in Q3
10/27/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Employers remain cautious on hiring, survey indicates
10/20/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Hotels will impose fewer staff cuts if economy dips, executive says
10/06/2011 WageWatch iBrief - Companies add 91,000 jobs, but recovery is still weak, reports indicate
10/04/2011 Lodging Industry Shows Modest Wage Increases for 2011
09/21/2011 WageWatch Hires Director of Survey Design
09/29/2010 Hoteliers Start Hiring Again
08/31/2010 WageWatch Announces Compensation Survey Results For Las Vegas
06/27/2010 WageWatch and Call Center Networking Group Partnership
11/30/2009 WageWatch Announces Compensation Survey Results For Oregon Hotels
11/05/2009 WageWatch and Stark Service Solutions Partner
10/13/2009 Surveillance Jobs Top Gaming/Casino Wage Survey Results
09/21/2009 Multi-Industry Compensation Survey Results Launched Online This Week
09/16/2009 Hoteliers Watching Pay Levels Closely
08/19/2009 Non-Profits Leading Other Employers with Salary Increases
08/19/2009 2009 Hospitality Market Competitive Survey Data Entry Contest Winners
07/21/2009 Winner Free Subscription Multi-Industry Compensation Survey
07/15/2009 KnowledgePay and WageWatch Partner
07/07/2009 WageWatch Announces Early Release of 2009 National Hospitality Compensation Survey
06/24/2009 Compensation Survey Legal Guidelines
06/16/2009 WageWatch Launches Multi-Industry Market Competitive Compensation Survey
05/26/2009 WageWatch Launches New Customer Contact Center Compensation Survey
02/26/2009 Hotel Salary Increase Trends 2009
02/02/2009 WageWatch announces enhanced Gaming/Hotel Compensation Survey
01/31/2009 Greater Delaware Valley Non-Profit Compensation Survey Announced
05/05/2008 Indian Gaming Wages 2007 Results
02/01/2008 Avoiding Trouble with Compensation Issues
12/07/2007 Cornell Compensation Roundtable and Gen Y Workers
10/02/2007 Enhanced Spa Compensation Survey Announced
09/16/2007 LA Times - The $200 Pedicure
06/01/2007 Four Key Learnings on HR Topics
05/09/2007 Tight Job Market Aids Salary Firm
05/01/2007 Hospitality Industry Releases Lucrative Career Ladder
04/30/2007 CH&LA amd WageWatch Partnership April 07
04/30/2007 WageWatch hires Manager of Survey Design
04/23/2007 Indian Gaming 2006-07 Survey
04/23/2007 2007 State Healthcare Survey Improvements
01/30/2007 Vacation Ownership Compensation Article
01/21/2007 Recruitment and Relocation Survey
09/19/2006 Higher Compensation Levels for Senior Living Positions in Massachusetts
09/13/2006 Hospitality Wages Trending
07/31/2006 2006 Arizona Survey Results
07/24/2006 2006 Oregon Survey Results
06/01/2006 WageWatch Launches Washington Health Care Survey
05/17/2006 WageWatch announces online survey tool upgrade
05/16/2006 2006 Spa Compensation Survey Being Conducted
04/25/2006 Analyst: Housing costs eclipsing wage growth
03/20/2006 Hourly Wages in Indian Gaming Lag Hospitality Industry
02/13/2006 Wage Survey Results for Nursing Jobs in Senior Care Facilities Announced
01/30/2006 New Orleans Hotel Industry Short Workers, Raises Wages
01/02/2006 WageWatch hires President/COO
04/10/2005 Arizonas resort and hotel industry
01/03/2005 ISPA and WageWatch Join Forces...
06/28/2004 2004 Hospitality Data Entry Contest winners announced...
10/13/2003 2003 Hospitality Data Entry Contest winners announced...
12/05/2002 Gaming Industry Using Customized Online Survey Solutions...
07/26/2002 WageWatch Announces Strategic Supplier Partnership with New Mexico Lodging Association...
07/11/2002 WageWatch Continues to Expand: Hotel Markets in San Diego,Houston, Austin Sign On...
06/10/2002 WageWatch Announces Expansion: More Employers UsingCollaborative Online Tools to Remain Competitive...
03/19/2002 WageWatch Launches Newest Version of Internet-based Tool...

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