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You will find that Custom 2019 Survey's conducted by WageWatch for your professional association, industry group, or your company are an efficient and cost-effective solution to obtaining competitive compensation, benefits, pay practices, salary, and wage data. WageWatch's proprietary software offers speed, flexibility, and competitive pricing that surpasses offerings from consulting firms or other wage, salary, and benefits survey companies. Although we have an extensive inventory of pay practice questions, job descriptions and benefits questions that expedites survey design, WageWatch can quickly supplement our database with the unique survey questions you need. Salary reports are generated online in easy-to-read formats, and hard-copy reports can be included in your compensation survey project if desired.

Survey Design and Development Process
The compensation survey design process is collaborative, and we provide a compensation survey development guide to ensure your time is well spent. You provide input to ensure the objectives and desired outcomes of your custom compensation survey are met. We often work with a salary survey design group, and we are proud to state that partnering with trade, member, and professional associations is one of WageWatch's core competencies.

Survey Features
  • Online or spreadsheet data submission
  • Automated quality review processes and review by WageWatch survey analysts to ensure only credible data is allowed to be part of the survey database
  • Online report generation within seconds
  • View reports on screen or download to spreadsheet or PDF file
  • One-for-one reporting to encourage participation, with optional full-report available to all participants
  • Custom-defined filters by type and size of peer comparators
  • Ability to create custom peer groups for analysis
  • Downloadable User Guide and on-line Help function
  • Ability to create sub-users and define how they can use the survey
  • Average, Median, 25th, 75th, and customizable percentile statistics
  • Online comparison of your data to the survey results position-by-position and question-by-question
  • Compensation data aging feature for trending and budget projections

WageWatch is known as a high-value, cost effective survey provider. Our on-going relationships with industry groups and associations prove that no matter what the size, simplicity, or complexity of the survey, we deliver an outstanding product at a very reasonable price. Contact us to describe your survey project. Once we understand the scope and your requirements, we will provide you with an estimate of survey design.

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View All Compensation and Salary Surveys
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