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Salary Survey
2018 Healthcare Benchmark Compensation Survey POSITIONS
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The 2018 Healthcare Compensation Benchmark Survey reports compensation and salary data for each State Market. Hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, assisted living facilities, and other health industry employers report compensation data. This is a non-participant report, with built-in filters by location, annual revenue, total number of FT and PT employees, and facility bed size.

Survey Content
This industry survey includes 290 healthcare positions, in hospital-specific departments such as: management, clinical, professional, technical, and support positions, including those in patient care services, diagnostic laboratory, radiation oncology, rehabilitation services, medical administration, pharmacy, housekeeping, general administration, human resources, information technology, food service, and finance and more.

Survey Features
  • 290+ healthcare positions
  • Does not require survey participation
  • Online salary report generation within seconds
  • View wage reports on screen or download to Excel or PDF file
  • Compensation data displayed in hourly, salary, or monthly results
  • Average, median 25th, 75th, and percentile statistics for starting rate, actual average rate, and incentive/bonus compensation
  • Salary Data available by city, state, regional, or national levels

  • $2,000 per State for 12-month subscription with unlimited access - Non-member.

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