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2018 Healthcare Peermark Survey POSITIONS
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The 2018 Healthcare Peermark Survey is the most comprehensive and up-to-date online salary report of all major hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, and assisted living facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Colorado and Texas (other states coming soon). The salary survey includes compensation data on average wages and salaries, pay ranges, shift differentials, and best-practices. In addition, the salary survey features a unique monthly-survey report with questions asked by the participants on "hot topics".

Survey Content
Participants receive wage data on over 290 healthcare positions, specifically those in: management, clinical, professional, technical, and support positions, including those in patient care services, diagnostic laboratory, radiation oncology, rehabilitation services, medical administration, pharmacy, housekeeping, general administration, human resources, information technology, food service, and finance and more.

Survey Features
  • 290+ healthcare positions plus industry-specific pay practice data
  • Online or spreadsheet salary data submission
  • Online salary report generation within seconds
  • View compensation reports on screen or download to Excel or PDF file
  • Pre-set filters by type and size of peer comparators
  • Ability to create custom peer groups for analysis, at no extra charge
  • Downloadable User Guide and on-line Help function
  • Ability to create sub-users and define how they can use the survey
  • Average, median 25th, 75th, and customizable percentile statistics
  • Online comparison of your compensation data to the survey results position-by-position
  • Data aging feature for trending and budget projections
  • Monthly "hot topic" survey feature for questions submitted by participants

Type Participant Association
Base Price Discounts Total Price
Clinic Yes Yes $500.00 -$200.00 $300.00
Clinic Yes No $500.00 -$0.00 $500.00
Hospital 1-74 Beds Yes Yes $750.00 -$250.00 $500.00
Hospital 1-74 Beds Yes No $750.00 -$0.00 $750.00
Hospital 75+ Beds Yes Yes $1,000.00 -$250.00 $750.00
Hospital 75+ Beds Yes No $1,000.00 -$0.00 $1,000.00
Skilled Nursing Facility
1-40 Beds
Yes Yes/No $200.00 -$100.00 $100.00
Skilled Nursing Facility
41+ Beds
Yes Yes/No $300.00 -$100.00 $200.00
Assisted Living Facility Yes Yes/No $200.00 -$100.00 $100.00
All Additional Locations Yes Yes/No $100.00

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