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Salary Survey
2019 Hospitality Corporate Executive Compensation Survey POSITIONS
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The 2019 Hospitality Corporate Executive Compensation Survey covers all key jobs in the C-Suite and their direct reports. The salary survey is completely online and enables participants to create salary reports using filters such as revenue and also create their own custom competitive sets for more detailed yet confidential wage reports and wage comparisons. Salary, incentive/bonus, and total cash compensation results are included. This survey targets hospitality, gaming, restaurant and food service, and other accommodation-related industries.

Survey Content
Included jobs are CEO, COO, CFO, plus functional heads for revenue management, human resources, information technology, legal, marketing, sales, design, branding, purchasing and supply chain, property development, quality control, government relations, public relations, and more. Regional positions for human resources, revenue management, and operation functions are also part of the compensations survey and salary reports.

Survey Features
  • 35 executive positions with base, incentive, and total cash compensation data
  • Online or spreadsheet wage data submission
  • Online salary report generation within seconds
  • Salary reports viewed on screen or downloaded to spreadsheet or PDF file
  • One-for-one reporting; jobs you matched are available for wage reports
  • Pre-set filters by type and size of peer comparators
  • Ability to create custom peer groups for analysis, at no extra charge
  • Average, median, 25th, 75th, and customizable percentile statistics
  • "Your percentile rank" to provide you with an instant and accurate snapshot of how your data compares to the market
  • On-line data-aging feature for trending wage data and making budget projections
  • Online comparison of your salary data to the survey results position-by-position

  • $500 for a 12-month subscription

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