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2018 Hospitality Peermark Compensation Survey PARTICIPANTS POSITIONS
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The 2018 Hospitality Peermark Compensation Survey results are reported by metropolitan area as well as by property type (limited service hotel, full service hotel, and vacation ownership). Salary and wage data for over 100 metropolitian areas in USA and Canada are available from the most comprehensive compensation and salary database in the hospitality industry.

Survey Content
The survey covers 185 hourly positions and 104 salaried positions, including those in administration, housekeeping, front office and guest services, engineering and property maintenance, food and beverage, finance, golf, human resources, sales and marketing, and more.

Survey Features
  • 289 hotel positions plus industry-specific pay practice data
  • Online or spreadsheet compensation data submission
  • Online salary report generation within seconds
  • View wage reports on screen or download to spreadsheet or PDF file
  • One-for-one reporting; jobs you matched are available for wage reports
  • Pre-set filters by type and size of peer comparators
  • Ability to create peer groups for analysis, at no extra charge
  • Downloadable User Guide and on-line Help function
  • Ability to create sub-users and define how they can use the survey
  • Average, median 25th, 75th, and customizable percentile statistics
  • Online comparison of your salary data to the survey reports position-by-position

  • $400 for full-service and vacation ownership properties, $150 for limited and select service properties
  • Corporate discounts may apply; call sales for additional information Toll-free: 1-888-330-WAGE (1-888-330-9243)

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